We have proven track records of producing new concept programs like comedy, light entertainment, social awareness programs and more. We play the choice of the listeners instantly since we have got the largest collection of music stored in the computer for faster response. This is one of the reasons that Radio Mithila has highest listener ship in the region. We have track records of developing creative and innovative content and programming formats, which has helped us, expand our base of listeners and advertisers. We can create concepts faster for prompt service for our clients. We are the pioneer to develop various on-air fictional characters like mama, Baba Bajrangi, Ramaul wali, Muhn Bajaiya aa Gogh dolaiya etc. We are also the pioneer to start program on Tourism and successful stories of Poverty Alleviation program in the region. We are the first to provide ample opportunities to the professionals who get to write as an editor of the program segments as Chhaya Sampadak( Shadow Editor). Our superior understanding of audience preferences enables us to provide content that is customized to the taste, language and culture of the local audiences. We intend to influence this expertise to attract new listeners as we have expanded our reach in the Kathmandu also, the first of its kind that a regional radio has shown its presence at the central level. Headlines &amp; Music FM 97.2 MHz is our other unit (radio) located in Kathmandu.</p>
Call sign: Radiomithila: apan radio
Broadcasting frequency:100.8 mhz
Technical detail: 1000 watt OMB Transmitter. Omnia sound processors. Sound craft mixture with 20 channel.</p>
License type: Private
Broadcasting hrs. 5:00-24:00 19 hour